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Why Choose Business Equipment Leasing

Capital Conservation

Equipment leasing generally provides 100% financing, thereby reducing or in some cases completely eliminating the up-front expenses generally associated with conventional term loan financing. MAX LeasingUSA® even covers the soft costs of equipment acquisition including installation and shipping charges. Your organization’s working capital remains free for other expenses while allowing you to acquire the equipment you need when you need it.

Fixed Monthly Payments

Forget the uncertainty of changing rates. Monthly equipment lease payments from MAX LeasingUSA are fixed for the term of the lease. You can finance business equipment with the confidence that comes with knowing your fixed monthly expenses will not change.

Preserve Existing Lines of Credit

In today’s complex business environment, it is important to build credit history while maintaining credit availability. Equipment leasing can help your business to achieve both of these goals.

Protection Against Obsolescence

In order to compete efficiently in the marketplace, it is crucial that your business stay on the leading edge; however, rapid technological advances can make it difficult to keep up! You no longer have to be bogged down with inefficient equipment. MAX LeasingUSA offers your business the ability to upgrade mission-critical equipment while protecting your company from equipment obsolescence.

Tax and Balance Sheet Advantages

Equipment leasing may provide your business with certain tax and balance sheet advantages that conventional term loan equipment finance options or straight purchases do not offer. Always consult your tax/financial advisor to seek the solution that best suits your company.

Flexible Structures and Terms

Whether you represent a large corporation or you are a small business owner, MAX LeasingUSA offers equipment leasing programs that can be tailor-made to suit your organization’s specific business needs. At MAX LeasingUSA, we don’t compromise with cookie-cutter plans; we offer flexible lease structures and terms that can give your business a competitive edge. Let MAX LeasingUSA work with you to find the equipment leasing plan that’s best for your business.

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“Leasing equipment just makes sense in today's business environment. Technology changes at a rapid pace.”